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The story of Lance Armstrong is legendary. A professional cyclist struck down his prime by testicular cancer, who not only recovered but went on to win a record number of Tour de France titles. A modern-day legend who was subsequently revealed as a cheat, a man who managed the most elaborate and complicated performance enhancing regime that cycling had ever seen. He has subsequently been stripped of his titles and banned for life as a competitive cyclist. There are smarter ways to enhance performance without cheating. Think of it as optimising performance, and Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London now offer the means to do that with the Pure Power Mouthguard.

What Is the Pure Power Mouthguard?

The bad news is that it is significantly more expensive than an off-the-shelf mouthguard. The mainreason is it is considerably better in every possible respect. The Pure Power Mouthguard is a bespoke mouthguard made to perfectly fit the individuals teeth and position the jaw in the perfect position to enhance performance.

How Does It Work?

By realigning the muscles in the jaw and face, overall performance of the body can be noticeably improved. Tension in any muscle acts as a brake, slowing the speed at which it works because it has to relax to function effectively. Incorrect jaw position can create tension in the neck and back which is also detrimental to overall sporting performance.

Other Benefits

On top of the sporting benefits, the teeth are protected from the many possible sporting injuries in sports such as football, lacrosse, hockey, and rugby to name only a few. Damaging teeth can be very inconvenient, painful, and expensive. It is cheaper to protect the teeth than to fix them. Enhancing performance can be used on many levels of sport, whether it is a hobby, semi-professional, getting fit or even recovering from a sporting injury.







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