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Patients In London Can Get Discreet Braces With ClearStep


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For problems such as crooked teeth, which can leave you with a smile that isn’t quite as straight as you’d like it, you’ve probably considered the benefits of a brace. But with the knowledge that you would have to wear a metal brace for a prolonged amount of time you’ve probably been put off.

But now with the ClearStep invisible brace you can achieve your perfect smile with the use of invisible methods, including clear aligners, to help you achieve that smile you’ve always wanted, without the noticeable metal across your teeth every time you smile.

A versatile braces system

The ClearStep invisible brace can help straighten your teeth and address a number of problems like crooked, gapped and overlapping teeth without impacting on your confidence.

This effective brace system also has other benefits; such as it’s versatile, because it can be used by people of all ages and it is removable so you can eat and brush your teeth with ease.

Steps in the treatment process

There are four stages to getting your ClearStep braces, the first is the initial consultation where you will discuss whether the brace is right for you and a professional will asses your oral health.

The second stage will see you have X-rays, photographs and impression moulds taken of your smile to get a total analysis of your choppers.

After this is done and you are happy with everything, your ClearStep invisible braces will be made especially for you, so they are custom made for your teeth.

Finally you will have to visit your dentist a number of times for check ups and assessments, where each stage will involve eight steps using coded models on your teeth, which will need to be worn in a certain sequence for around two weeks per stage. This will help move the teeth into their desired position and give you the smile you’ve always wanted, and will take from nine months up to two years. Contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in the very heart of London for more information.





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