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Patients in London Ask For Alternatives To Clear Aligners


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As an alternative to clear braces and aligners, such as the Invisalign braces system, the Inman aligner is available at Harley Street Dental Studio. The Inman aligner is suitable for people who need help with slight crookedness on their upper and lower front teeth, and might be used for adults who have had a ‘relapse’ after orthodontic treatment, for example.

What does the Inman aligner do?

The aligner is a device which, similar to braces, uses gradual force to move your teeth slowly over time. The aligner takes the form of a specially-made moulded device which fits over your front teeth. There is a bar at the front of the teeth – meaning the aligner is not as ‘invisible’ as clear aligners – and a coiled spring behind the teeth (that is, the side nearer the tongue). Over time, the force which is gently exerted by these two will ‘push’ your teeth into position, meaning that your front teeth will consists of a great smile!

What are the advantages of the Inman aligner?

The Inman aligner allows for faster treatment times than some ‘invisible braces ‘systems, meaning that you will see results far more quickly – usually between six and sixteen weeks.  Moreover, the Inman aligner is less expensive than many other similar treatments, and is also more convenient in a couple of ways.  Firstly, only one aligner is needed for the whole course of treatment, so that you will not need to keep having new aligners from your dentist. Secondly, the aligner is removable, and you can take it out when you eat or brush your teeth, allowing for a much easier and more effective oral hygiene routine. The aligner is not suitable for all treatments however; as it cannot achieve results for more severe problems, where more tooth movement is needed.




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