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Patients in Central London can Experience a Beautiful Straight Smile in just 8 Weeks with the Inman Aligner


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Some braces can take years to straighten orthodontic problems, but with the Inman Aligner patients can expect straighter smiles in as little as 8 weeks.

How is the Inman Aligner so fast?

The Inman Aligner focuses on the front teeth, which makes it a great deal faster than other brace systems, which re-align the whole bite. The Inman Aligner also uses two separate forces to improve the speed and efficiency of tooth movement, with a clear bar across the front side of the teeth and a spring system behind the teeth. This gently and effectively moves a smile into place in no time at all!

Who is the Inman Aligner suitable for?

Patients who suffer from problems affecting their front teeth or have undergo relapse following a previous brace system are perfect candidates for the Inman Aligner. For patients in Central London who have more complex orthodontic conditions we have a range of braces that are suitable for advanced tooth movement.

What are the main benefits of the Inman Aligner?

Speed of treatment: Complete tooth movement can be achieved in as little as 8-16 weeks, one of the fastest treatment times available from a brace system.

Discretion: As the Inman Aligner uses a clear bar across the front of the teeth it is much more discreet than braces that use thick wires and brackets to move the teeth.

Removable: You should wear your Inman Aligner for around 16- 20 hours per day, but you can take it out for eating and brushing your teeth, which ensures that your teeth remain stain and decay free.

Cost effective: Because other removable aligner systems use numerous different aligners to straighten the teeth they cost much more. However, as the Inman Aligner only uses one aligner per treatment the price is much lower.

If you would like any more information on the Inman Aligner and to find out whether it is a suitable treatment for you please get in touch with the practice.


Patients in Central London can Experience a Beautiful Straight Smile in just 8 Weeks with the Inman Aligner

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