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Orthodontics – Wave Goodbye to Braces


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New orthodontics treatments like Invisalign are putting traditional metal braces out of business.

Metal braces have had their day. For years they were the only orthodontics treatment available to children, teens and adults who needed their teeth straightening and corrected – and they came at a cost. For young people, braces were an easy target for bullies, and lowered many teenagers’ already fragile self-esteem. For adults they were equally a source of embarrassment, simply because so many people did associate them with teenagers. Metal braces are uncomfortable and restrict daily social activities like eating out, and oral hygiene functions like brushing and flossing. Now they are being overtaken by the new generation of orthodontics treatments – invisible aligner systems.

Orthodontics: Braces Bad, Aligners Good

When it comes to the battle of the braces, there is one clear winner. Aligners made from clear plastic that can barely be seen in the mouth are the treatment of choice for crooked and gapped teeth, awkward bites and other oral defects. Not only are they far more discreet than the old style of braces, but they offer a whole host of benefits. The key appeal is that clear aligners can be removed before eating and for short periods of time, so the wearer is unrestricted in their food choices, and doesn’t have to feel embarrassed giving speeches or presentations. For those in the media professions clear aligners can be a career-saver, as they can be removed briefly for photo shoots, close-ups and castings. In fact, there is a long list of benefits that puts clear aligners at the top of orthodontics treatments.

Orthodontics: Technological Advances

Clear aligners, such as the popular Invisalign system, utilise the latest in orthodontics technology. Old style metal braces even look like Medieval torture devices in comparison (and some would say they feel like them too!). With the Invisalign system your dentist will take a simple imprint of your teeth, which will be sent to the high-tech laboratories. Invisalign’s orthodontics experts will then create a set of different sized clear aligners for you to wear in turn, each set adjusting your teeth into the perfect position a little more. By the time you have worn your final pair of aligners, only removing them for very brief periods of time, your teeth will be as dazzling and straight as any celebrity’s.

Orthodontics: Superior Service

Another attraction of the Invisalign orthodontics system is that you can choose to receive superior service by opting for a Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist to fit you with your clear aligners. You will receive the ultimate treatment from someone who is highly trained in the system and can offer you the most comfortable surrounds. As well as receiving the orthodontics treatment, you may also be offered a complimentary tooth whitening treatment so you can have sparkling white and straight teeth.

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At the Harley Street Dental Studio in Central London, renowned dentist Dr Mark Hughes and his team of highly trained clinicians offer outstanding care and attention to their patients. Favoured by celebrities of the sporting and entertainment worlds, the clinic offers treatments including dental veneers, tooth whitening, porcelain crowns, amalgam-free fillings and clear braces. It offers the very latest dental products such as Enlighten™, MACVENEERS™, Invisalign@, DaVinci Veneers™, and ZOOM!@ Whitening. With luxurious surroundings and a technically advanced clinic, the Harley Street Dental Studio will help reinvent and rejuvenate your smile with style. To discuss your dental needs or make an appointment, contact the studio on 020 7636 5981 or fill out the online contact form.


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