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Orthodontics treatments are using the latest technology to straighten teeth, fast.

Long gone are the days when the only choice an orthodontics patient had was between varying metal and wire contraptions that looked ugly and felt awful on the teeth. Gone are the days of getting food stuck in braces, and having to forego favourite meals because they weren’t compatible with a mouth full of metal. Gone is the embarrassment of wearing highly visible metal braces that make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Now, people who need their teeth straightening, their bite correcting and gaps closing, can turn to an exciting orthodontics system that utilises the latest technologies to make treatment simple, effortless and convenient.

Orthodontics: Introducing Invisalign

One of the leading orthodontics systems utilising the latest technology to offer a vastly improved treatment to patients is Invisalign. This simple system comprises sets of discreet clear aligners that can be worn virtually in secrecy. If the thought of wearing ugly, visible braces is preventing you from seeking the treatment you know you need, then Invisalign is the perfect solution. Each set of aligners is changed every fortnight for the next one in your course of treatment, until all sets have been used and your teeth are straight and realigned. Orthodontics practitioners find patients are not only pleased with the results, but with the ease of use.

Orthodontics: Appeal of Invisalign

As well as offering a simple orthodontics system, Invisalign also has many extra advantages over old-fashioned braces. The aligners are removed before eating and drinking, so the wearer is unlimited in the food they can consume – even crunchy and sticky treats are allowed! They are also taken out before flossing and brushing, so a high standard of oral hygiene can be maintained, securing the good health of your straight new teeth well into the future. And because you Invisalign sets are created in the high-tech laboratories, you can rest assured that your teeth are being treated by the very latest in orthodontics systems.

Orthodontics: Booking a Consultation

If you feel excited at the prospect of having straight teeth, knowing that you don’t have to suffer the humiliation and discomfort of wearing traditional orthodontics devices, then seek out your nearest Invisalign dentist and book an initial consultation to confirm the suitability of the system for you. Once this is agreed with your dentist, you simply return to have imprints made of your teeth so the sets of aligners can be created, then visit your dentist every six to eight weeks for check ups. For such advanced technology, it really is an incredibly simple orthodontics system.

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