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It would seem that more and more people are turning to orthodontics to get their teeth fixed, and this latest celebrity patient list is a clear example of how popular it is.

When you think of orthodontics, you might be thinking of hours in the dentists’ chair and a brace that leaves you looking like you have a mouth full of metal. This is not the case anymore, and some celebrities have taken the plunge and decided to get the help they so desperately need in order to correct their crooked teeth.

Orthodontics – Estelle Wants That Grammy

It was recently announced that soul singer Estelle has undergone orthodontic treatment in advance of the Grammy Awards in 2009, so that she can feel more confident about her appearance when she wins an award. Estelle has reportedly felt self-conscious about her teeth since she was a teenager and has never had the courage to look into the right treatment. Now, as an adult, the treatment will take a little longer, but it shows how preferable this is to receiving an award and having to smile with crooked teeth. Bad, misaligned teeth can make you very embarrassed about your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the most stunning dress – showing crooked teeth to everyone can be a real style disaster.

Orthodontics – Miley Cyrus and Her Sparkling Teeth

Some suspect that Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has had some orthodontic work done. It is suggested that she has had porcelain veneers on her teeth, which is a very common procedure and one that really does transform your teeth. Even celebrities in their teens are realising the importance of having pearly whites, so it is no surprise that people of all ages are opting for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics – Amy Winehouse Realises It Is Time To Change

Another celebrity fan of orthodontic work is Amy Winehouse, who in early 2008 was spotted with better looking teeth. Prior to this, she had been seen with gaps in her mouth suggesting her teeth had fallen out, and many thought she would never do anything about her dental problems. However, soon after, it was noticed that the missing tooth at the front that she was famed for had been replaced, due to the careful work of a specialist dentist. Now, Amy Winehouse has a set of teeth she is proud to show off.

Orthodontics is perfect for anyone with the same problems as above, so there is no need to feel alone – contact a specialist dentist today.

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