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Many of us have a fear of the dentists, and if you need orthodontics or more specialised treatment, it’s no wonder you might have some trepidations.

Orthodontics can inspire fear in some hearts. In fact just the world ‘orthodontics’ can cause some of us to break out in a sweat. Dentists don’t have the best image. In fact, dentists have been portrayed in a demonic way in some mainstream films, such as Marathon Man. Orthodontics tends to be a more involved kind of dentistry as it fixes problems such as misaligned teeth or overbites. But being scared of the dentist or orthodontics is something that can be overcome. Modern orthodontics mean the right pain relief, sensitive orthodontic dentists and a caring environment can ease your anxiety over orthodontics.

Orthodontics – An Irrational Fear

The fear of orthodontics means many people are put off treatments that could transform how they smile and feel. But scenes from memorable movies such as Laurence Olivier using dental instruments to inflict sadistic torture don’t help! The cliché of the sadistic dentist hasn’t been stopped by the film Little Shop of Horrors where Steve Martin relishes the evil dentist role. The reality of orthodontics is far removed – orthodontics uses the latest dental technology and pain relief practices. But the alarming figure of 25% of people being scared to go to the dentist (according to the British Dental Association) demonstrates that many people still hold on to an irrational fear of dentists and orthodontics.

Orthodontics – Be Reassured

Controlling your anxiety when you are considering orthodontics is crucial – if you let your fear get the better of you, you could be denying yourself achieving the teeth and smile you deserve. Often fear of orthodontics comes from a fear of the unknown. Making sure you choose orthodontists that explain what they do and why they are doing it, will help. If it’s a known danger – and you’ve had a painful experience in the past which is why you fear orthodontics, you need to make sure you choose dentists and cosmetic dentists who are sympathetic and understanding. If you are having orthodontics, your dentist will have dealt with thousands of people feeling scared. Make sure you voice your anxiety – your dentist will reassure you they have sedation techniques that will help you feel at ease.

Break Down your Phobia

It’s natural to feel vulnerable – orthodontics involves often invasive procedures, but clear communication, patient staff and sympathetic orthodontists can help. A gradual break down of psychological barriers by gentle exposure to dentistry and orthodontics, just as with any phobia, can also eliminate fear. And be assured that any procedures that could cause pain are always undertaken with the appropriate painless sedation.

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