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One famous lady has openly admitted to using Invisalign to correct her crooked teeth.

Katherine Heigl, star of “The Ringer” and “27 Dresses”, admitted in 2007 that she had undergone treatment for her crooked teeth and wore Invisalign clear braces in the months before her wedding so she could look super stunning on the day, with perfectly straight teeth.

Orthodontics – Why Invisalign?

Many people hadn’t heard of Invisalign before Katherine Heigl announced she was a patient. However, it is considered to be one of the most revolutionary dental procedures in fixing teeth, due to its discreet clear aligners that can be worn without anyone else knowing your secret! For Katherine Heigl, orthodontics was clearly the best solution for her and she had realised that she had suffered with crooked teeth for long enough.

It is taking the first step in correcting your teeth that many are afraid of, but with Invisalign, the procedure can be so simple and discreet that everyone can experience the benefits. This treatment in orthodontics is the latest thing that people are talking about, because it eliminates the need for traditional old braces that do little for boosting your confidence. With Invisalign, you can change all that.

Orthodontics – Being Discreet Makes It the Celebrity Choice

Perhaps it is the fact that Invisalign is so discreet that it is the celebrity choice. Gone are the days of having unsightly metal wires or bands irritating your mouth and gums – Invisalign is the best choice in orthodontics for the simple fact that it won’t disrupt your lifestyle and be noticeable to others, but it will give you the results you are looking for.

This type of orthodontic treatment requires a specialist dentist, but finding the right one isn’t as hard as you think. Invisalign is the latest in orthodontics that is creating a buzz worldwide. Don’t put off getting your teeth fixed any longer – with Invisalign, the treatment is now simple and effective. It is the clear celebrity choice, so why not make an appointment now?

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