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The new generation of orthodontics treatments are clearing up crooked smiles, gappy teeth and awkward bites with ease.

Orthodontics can strike fear into the heart of dental patients of all ages. The prospect of spending months, even years, wearing an ugly, uncomfortable metal brace is far from appealing. Fortunately, there is now an exciting new alternative that can straighten teeth in half the time of old-fashioned braces, as well as offering numerous user-friendly features. The most popular system is the Invisalign clear aligners, which offers the latest technology in orthodontics to create beautifully straight teeth. This is how it works.

Orthodontics: The Invisalign System

Orthodontics patients across the world are experiencing the benefits of using the Invisalign system of clear aligners. Rather than having metal and wires fixed in their mouths, they are given a series of clear aligners that are worn for about two weeks each. These are created from imprints taken by their dentist, and moulded into the orthodontics devices at the Invisalign high-tech laboratory. Each pair of clear aligners works to close gaps, correct bites and generally straighten teeth over a course of time. Whereas traditional orthodontics devices can take years to do their work, Invisalign aligners can make the required changes in a year to eighteen months, and often less.

Orthodontics: Advantages of Invisalign

The reason Invisalign is becoming the orthodontics treatment of choice for many top dentists is that they offer so many benefits in terms of comfort and convenience. The main advantage is that the clear plastic material they are made from makes them barely visible, and many people wear them without anyone else being aware they are undergoing treatment. They are removed before eating and drinking, meaning social activities can continue as normal, and the wearer doesn’t have to be deprived of any type of food. They are also taken out to allow thorough flossing and brushing, so a high level of oral hygiene can be maintained. Traditional orthodontics devices hinder good hygiene and even though patients may be left with straighter teeth, they often suffer from increased decay and cavities.

Orthodontics: Finding an Invisalign Dentist

If you decide that Invisalign is the orthodontics treatment for you, then you should check for dentists in your area offering the service. If you want an exceptional service, then look for a Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist. You can then book a complimentary consultation to enable the dentist to ascertain whether Invisalign is the right orthodontics treatment for you. If you both agree it is, then you will return to have imprints made of your teeth, and start wearing your aligners as soon as they return from the laboratory. Before long you will be enjoying your fabulous new set of teeth.

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