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Oral health is a lot more important than many people realise as it can actually contribute to general health. Recent studies have found a link between poor oral health and cardiovascular disease, so it is extremely important to look after your gums and teeth.

Most parents also realise that it is important to take care of their children’s teeth, but some may think this is only necessary once their child has got all their teeth. This is not the case and dentists recommend starting to brush the teeth as soon as the first teeth begin to appear. Some dentists will also recommend using gels to keep children’s gums healthy and clean.

Initially, when your baby starts to develop teeth they will obviously be too small to clean their teeth by themselves. You can use a damp cloth on the gums when they are young but in a gentle manner. Then, you can begin to clean their teeth when they are old enough. Once old enough, if you encourage your child to get involved in oral hygiene from an early age, they will be more likely to integrate brushing in their daily routine and it will become part and parcel of everyday life.

To encourage your child to take care of their teeth and gums you can buy oral hygiene products including toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash which are brightly coloured, fun and decked out with child-friendly features. Many brands have toothbrushes and toothpastes that feature children’s favourite television and film characters and most products have bright, colourful packaging.

Healthy eating is also an important part of good oral health, so try and keep sweets and chocolates as treats, rather than daily snacks. Get children involved in the preparation of food and encourage them to cook with you. This will get them interested in food and they will want to learn about the benefits of healthy eating. Adopting good oral hygiene and eating habits from an early age will stand your child in good stead for the future and they will be more likely to benefit from good health during their adult life.


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