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No More Amalgam: Invisible Teeth Fillings are Possible


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Do you shy away from photographs because you don’t want to expose your metal fillings or are you worried about the impact of amalgam fillings on your health? If you’ve got old amalgam fillings, and you’re looking for an aesthetically-pleasing, safe alternative, we are here to help. With our invisible fillings, we can replace old fillings and restore your smile to its former glory with minimal hassle.

About invisible fillings

Invisible fillings are also known as white fillings. These fillings plug cavities without detracting from the beauty of your smile. A white filling is made from a mixture of composite, a tooth-coloured material, and resins. Your dentist will select the shade of composite that is closest to your natural tooth colour to ensure a seamless finish. White fillings offer a more attractive and discreet alternative to mercury amalgam fillings, but they’re also safer and better for the environment.

What happens when you have a filling?

If you’re replacing an old filling with a new white filling, your dentist will remove the amalgam according to safety guidelines before placing your new filling. The cavity must be cleaned and cleared thoroughly before the new filling is placed. When the cavity is clean, your dentist will apply bonding agent to help the composite to adhere to the tooth surface. The composite, which has a similar texture to putty, will then be poured into the cavity and your dentist will shape it to fit the hole. The composite is then set and your dentist will make any final adjustments. Fillings are usually placed under local anaesthetic and the procedure can be completed in under an hour.

If you have any questions about invisible fillings or you’re thinking of replacing old amalgam fillings, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help!


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