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Nite White Teeth Whitening For Patients In The City Of London


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Sometimes brushing teeth is not enough to restore the natural whiteness of our teeth. The consumption of red wine, coffee, tea and smoking can all lead to a gradual staining and darkening of the once pearly white teeth. Whilst whitening toothpaste and other whitening products do offer limited success to minor staining, guaranteed results are only possible using professional treatments.

Leaving it to the professionals

To become an expert, years of study, training and experience are necessary. Many of us would never dream of asking the nice old lady across the street to fix our car engine or fit a new window, so why do we expect basic, generic products to perform similar miracles? At Harley Street Dental Studio, we are experts and have used that knowledge and experience to pick the best whitening treatments available anywhere.

Whitest of the White

By offering only the very best whitening products and the astounding Enlighten treatment, we at Harley Street Dental Studio in London can guarantee results. We remove the confusion of a flooded market place made up of ineffective whitening products; what we offer works. One of our best treatments is Enlighten which has been available for over 10 years and has become one of the most popular whitening treatments.


Our carefully chosen range of products cater to every whitening situation and mean we can offer treatments both in our clinic and in the form of kits that can be used by the patient at home. Specially designed and professionally advised home systems are a great way to increase the results of whitening treatments and if Harley Street Dental Studio offer it, the patient knows it works. By combining home and clinic treatments, stains can be lifted and a dazzling white smile can be returned making a brighter smile a whiter smile.



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