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When most people think of cosmetic dental treatments like braces, they think of teenagers. After all, most people have braces fitted when they’re still young enough to get them done on the NHS, despite the uncomfortable and ugly devices they make you wear. But that doesn’t have to mean that you should give up on the idea of improving your smile or correcting any problems with your teeth once you hit the twenties.

Braces for adults

Although most orthodontists will agree that it is easier to correct teeth when the patient is a teenager – the bone is sill soft and more malleable, making any movement, in theory, faster – there are actually lots of arguments in favour of waiting until you’re a little bit older. When you’re grown up and earning you’ll be able to afford to go private and pick from the range of almost invisible and comfortable new designs of braces, rather than having to suffer looking like Ugly Betty for a couple of years! If the braces are your own decision, when you’re old enough to make it, then you’re more likely to stick to the rules and use the braces properly; teens who are having their braces forced upon them by parents and dentists will often do anything they can to avoid wearing their braces, making the correction procedure much longer.

No age limit on treatment

Not only can braces be useful at any age, but there is also no age limit on having veneers or implants fitted. After all, as time goes on you’re more likely to need them! A lifetime of good eating and drinking can often leave your teeth stained and damaged. Just because you’re getting on in years doesn’t mean you should give up on having that Hollywood smile. If you’re losing your teeth due to old age, why replace them with annoying and uncomfortable dentures when you can have implants fitted that look and feel like the real thing? Yes, they take more work to fit and are more expensive, but it’s an investment that will probably end up saving you money over the years. After all, with implants you don’t need to buy denture fix cream for years and years. They’re also less likely to be damaged or even lost – it does happen sometimes!

A fast solution

If you’re a gentleman or lady of advancing years who wants to smarten up their natural smile in a hurry, then veneers are the obvious option for you. It only takes a couple of appointments to make the impressions and fit the veneers and within a few weeks, you too can have a dazzling smile straight out of the pages of Hello magazine. Older celebrities keep working hard to look good into their 50s and 60s and now the types of treatment that they use on their teeth are available to patients at surgeries like the Harley Street Dental Studio. They do say that the 60s are the new 40s, so why shouldn’t we, both men and women, do everything we can to keep looking amazing? Especially when cosmetic dentistry is so easy and accessible.

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