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If you’re looking for a dentist, London and UK patients are being warned to avoid treatment abroad.

Dental and medical treatment abroad may be tempting as the prices appear to be just a snip of what you’d pay for a dentist in London. But a report in The Telegraph newspaper has warned that going abroad for medical or dental treatment can not only be a false economy, it can lead to emotional as well as financial scars.

If you’re looking for a dentist, London has some of the best in the world. But the cost of dental treatment has prompted some people to look further afield to find more affordable alternatives. But The Telegraph is warning, if things go wrong, the emotional and financial scars will last longer than the physical ones. If you’re looking for a dentist, London or across the UK, it can be nigh on impossible finding one on the NHS. More people are looking abroad for quick and affordable alternatives.

Dentistry Abroad: A False Economy?

Waiting lists are part of the growing trend for Brits seeking medical and dental treatment abroad. Other reasons cited include the fact that there are many dental services, especially cosmetic dentistry, that are simply not available on the NHS to the majority of its patients. Going abroad often appears cheaper than opting for private treatments from a top London dentist. It’s for these reasons that there has been a growth in ‘global health tourism’. It has been estimated that 50,000 Brits travel abroad for health services – from cosmetic surgery to dentistry. Although some believe this figure is much higher. But there has long been a big question mark over the safety of having surgery abroad. And the Health Protection Agency recently issued a warning about a new super-bug that resists antibiotics that is being brought over to the UK by patients who have sought treatment overseas. Although ironically, fear of British super-bugs, such as MRSA is often a reason for some patients to seek treatment abroad in the first place.

Demand for Dentists – London Patients Need Remedial Work

It’s all about balancing cost and safety. In the UK dental implants can cost around £3k, in Budapest, it can be a third of the price. But there are risks, risks that can leave you worse off financially and emotionally. The British Medical Association advise: “We’d urge people to consider all eventualities before making a decision…What happens if there are complications? What happens if the treatment doesn’t work? What language will the medical notes be in?”

According to the British Dental Association, London and UK dentists have to undertake remedial work as a result of botched trips abroad. If you are thinking of dental work abroad, make sure you do your homework and are aware of the potential risks and the hidden costs.

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