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More than just a clean and polish


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While most of us would only think of making an appointment with a dentist for a regular check-up, toothache or at the most a tooth whitening session, there is actually a lot more on offer at the top practices. Once you’ve done all the hard work of getting your smile to look good – with braces, veneers or implants – why not pay a little attention to the rest of your face?

Cosmetics at your London dentist

A lot of dental surgeries, including the Harley Street Dental Studio, are starting to offer simple, non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, alongside the regular clean and polish. The word “surgery” is a bit misleading here, as the procedures involve no cutting at all. In fact, most of the beauty treatments you can have at the dentist are nothing more sophisticated than a series of injections. But it’s what they inject into your face that counts!

The substance that everyone will have heard of is Botox. In fact, Botox has become so commonplace in society, that celebs are no longer ashamed to admit that they’ve had it done. Even relatively young stars are opting for a few shots of Botox to keep them looking amazing. Actress Megan Fox may only be in her early twenties, but she is a big fan of Botox.

If you are scared…

You can make appointments to have Botox injections at the Harley Street Dental Studio and you won’t even need an anaesthetic. For those of you who are a little worried about the needle, don’t be; it’s only a very thin needle that you will hardly feel as it pierces the top layer of skin. After all, that’s the layer that you are aiming to have smoothed out, so it doesn’t need to go any deeper.

You may have heard that Botox is related to the poison botulism. This is true, but there’s nothing to worry about. The doses that you get in any one session are so tiny that they cannot cause you any harm. Even if you had a few jabs over a series of weeks you wouldn’t get sick. You might get a slightly weird and still looking face, but you wouldn’t get sick!

What else is available?

The other injection that dental surgeries like the Harley Street Dental Studio offer is Restylane. This works in a slightly different way to Botox. Rather than smoothing out wrinkles and lines, Restylane fills up your wrinkles with a collagen-like substance. The best way to describe it is to imagine Polyfilla filling up the cracks on a wall, but that doesn’t sound too glamorous. These injections too are really simple, safe and painless. Best of all, you can often see the results immediately, so be prepared for some comments in the office if you pop out to the surgery for a lunchtime appointment!

Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, but neither is there a big stigma surrounding it any more. If you decide you want a new younger face to go with your new younger smile, then you can have everything done under one roof. And be assured that your practitioner is well trained and experienced, rather than risking some high street beauty salon.

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More than just a clean and polish

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