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Make Your Teeth Look Better With Aesthetic Bonding Treatment


How can we help?

Many of us are unhappy with the colour of our teeth, but what about if you are unhappy with the shape of your teeth? We offer dental bonding which works on a range of issues, such as gaps, a broken tooth, a chipped tooth and to make small teeth look bigger and more in proportion. It can also be used to cover up stains, maybe you just have one or two teeth that you would like to look whiter rather than all your teeth combined.

We achieve natural looking results

The bonding material is made using acrylic material that can be matched perfectly to the shade of your natural teeth. Our dentists are so skilled in this treatment that you won’t be able to tell which teeth have had dental bonding treatment on them. Using acrylic bonding can also be an alternative to having porcelain veneer treatment and is considerably less expensive.

Dental injuries

Dental bonding is often used if a patient has had an injury and cracked a tooth or a little bit of the tooth has broken off. We can easily and effectively treat both issues using dental bonding. We can use the acrylic to delicately fill in the crack so that the tooth looks as good as new. We can also use it to rebuild the part of the tooth that has broken off, again making it look as natural as possible.

Reshaping the tooth

It is quite common for some people to have small teeth that look out of proportion to their gums. We can use dental bonding to reshape the teeth making them look bigger so that they create a better balance between the gums and the teeth. This can greatly increase the confidence of our patients and leave them with a smile they feel happy and confident with.



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