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Many of us want Christmas presents for our friends and loved ones to be special, meaningful and unique … but we unsurprisingly end up finding inspiration low on the ground during the madness that is Christmas shopping and choose to buy a lovely Toblerone for them instead. With Christmas just around the corner now is a good time to start thinking of the perfect gift: So why not give a gift to remember with professional teeth whitening?

The most common form of whitening, and arguably the most effective, is laser whitening, or in-surgery whitening. As the name suggests a trip to the dentist’s surgery is needed, the procedure however is quite painless and takes from one to two hours.

A simple yet effective present

The procedure itself is quite simple: firstly your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned of any marks and every last scrap of plaque, known as a scale and polish. Your tooth colour will then be noted down, either through photography or a colour scale. Highly concentrated peroxide is then used to bleach your teeth after this, so your gums and lips need to be protected; a gel will be put on these areas that then hardens as it dries, leaving only your teeth exposed to the chemical. Once the protection gel has set the peroxide will be exposed to light for 15 minutes, and this is done three times for the same period of time. Once the procedure is finished your teeth may feel sensitive for up to 2 days.

Many dentists recommend using a professional home whitening kit following in-surgery whitening. For this a dental impression will be needed and it will take one or two weeks for the tooth model to be made and shipped back to your dentist. Once you have your kit the quantity of the peroxide gel you should use, and the amount of time to keep it in the mouth, will vary on how much of a change you want to see; however most home kits will take a number of weeks to achieve the desirable change.

Where can you buy your white Christmas?

Professional home whitening kits can be purchased either from your dentist’s practice or from pharmacist or on the internet. It is highly recommended however to use one that is suggested by your dentist as others have been found to  have too highly concentrated peroxide levels that can damage unprotected gums and lips. Recommended home dental kits do not generally come with gum protection but use a less concentrated peroxide formula. For your teeth whitening needs though it is recommended the procedure be done according to the instructions of your dentist.

The reason it is recommended to use both in-surgery whitening and home whitening is because both have their pros and cons. While in-surgery is quicker, with changes usually being noted almost immediately after the appointment, home whitening kits seem to generally be more effective.

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