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Loose Dentures in London Beware of All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment!


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Loose dentures could drive a saint mad and if they aren’t falling out when you’re laughing their rubbing your poor gums and jawbone to death.

For many years the only answer to this problem was to use sticky, messy denture pastes and fixatives, which only had a minimal and short-lived effect.

However, patients with unruly loose dentures now have the option of All on 4 dental implant treatment to hold their teeth firmly in place.

What is the All on 4 treatment?

The All on 4 treatment utilises dental implants to secure and stabilise loose dentures. Unlike most dental implant treatment the All on 4 treatment allows patients to leave on the same day with a brand new smile, as each of the 4 implants used are strategically placed to provide the optimum support and do not require the months of integration required with other implants.

4 implants in total are used per arch of teeth, with two of the implants placed at a 45-degree angle to provide incredible support.

What are the benefits of All on 4 treatment?

All on 4 treatment allows the patients to eat, smile and laugh again with confidence and without fear of public embarrassment due to airborne dentures!

Dental implants also counteract the bone degeneration that often occurs with loose dentures and actually actively promotes bone growth.

Who is suitable for the All on 4 treatment?

Most people who have lost a full or two arches of teeth are suitable for All on 4 implants, although you must be in good oral health before you have treatment, which may mean that any gum disease you have will have to be treated first. All on 4 is also a great treatment option for patients who are unable to have traditional dental implants due to low bone density.

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Loose Dentures in London Beware of All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment!

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