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The very first aspect of a toothbrush to look at when we’re thinking in eco-mode is the composition, what materials are used to make it. Think recyclable, reprocessed and reprocess-able materials. Using a type of toothbrush that is mostly a large sturdy handle to which replaceable brush heads are attached reduces the amount of material discarded each time a replacement is needed.

Natural materials used for the bristles instead of nylon are also a great choice. Their intrinsic softness helps those people with sensitive gums and gum disease or anyone who would rather not scratch their tooth enamel. Natural bristles are harvested from animals that are treated humanely – no slaughter is involved.

What funky eco-oriented toothbrushes are out there?

o The Recycline Company produces the Preserve Toothbrush out of materials that have been recycled from cleaned and reprocessed plastic yogurt cups. The toothbrush itself is also recyclable – Recycline provides a postage-paid return envelope at your point of purchase into which you simply put your used toothbrush and mail. The company reprocesses the plastic material into artificial lumber that is used for decks, walks and outdoor tables.

o The RADIUS company produces the two-piece Source Toothbrush from cellulose captured from the harvesting of sustained forests, making the material a renewable resource plastic. The strong handle is made from wood fibre and from plastic processed out of corn-fibre; the small heads are easily replaceable.

o Eco-DenT produces the TerrAdenT Replaceable Head Toothbrush, again using the same model of a large handle with small replaceable heads that are discarded when no longer usable. Thermo-welding bonds the bristles to the toothbrush head, reducing sites for germs to grow at the bristle base.

o Home Dental and several other company produce toothbrushes with natural-fibre bristles, all called by the name Natural Bristle. One caveat for these types of toothbrushes is that the natural bristles should be rinsed and left to dry more often than nylon ones simply because natural bristles absorb more water.

o Green Sprouts has a Baby Toothbrush that’s easy to hold and gentle on the teething gums of a baby because of the natural silicone coating. The entire item is made of materials that are free of Nitrosa, PVC and BPA.


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