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The term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ encompasses a wide range of techniques and treatments designed to enhance your smile’s natural beauty and the functionality of your teeth. Having a smile you feel proud of can be just as important as having a healthy mouth. These two goals are often interlinked and cosmetic dentistry can ensure that both are reached.

Why should I choose cosmetic dentistry?

There are many reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry. If you have a broken or chipped tooth, your dentist might recommend a porcelain crown as they are lightweight, durable and realistic and can be treated exactly like normal teeth once placed. Porcelain crowns restore functionality and create an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Teeth whitening procedures are also classed as cosmetic treatments. Our teeth are subject to varying degrees of staining during our day-to-day lives and their natural colour does begin to fade with time. Whitening treatment is often offered in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments as part of a smile makeover.

Technological advances have made many cosmetic dental processes incredibly fast, with treatment times a lot shorter than they were in the past. For example, certain braces such as Six Month Smiles, CFast and the Inman Aligner are designed to straighten the teeth in a much shorter time frame than traditional braces, which can take up to two years.

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