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Lingual Braces Explained


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Lingual braces are a modern orthodontic system for those in need of mild teeth straightening solutions. These special braces fix to the rear of teeth so that they are not noticeable to others during treatment.

Ideal for those with misaligned teeth and teeth that are overcrowded, skew, protruding or have irregular gaps, lingual braces re-position teeth through gentle orthodontic force.

How they work

The purpose of lingual braces  is to allow comfortable tooth movement while discretely controlling orthodontic re-alignment. Using innovative self-ligating technology, this brace solution straightens teeth comfortably within a shorter time.

You could enjoy smile transforming results as early as six weeks, depending on the system you choose. These braces may be worn while eating and are easily cleaned during normal oral hygiene schedules.

Without having to worry about removing the braces system, these self-ligating braces are easy to adjust and provide smooth function in the mouth. Initial adjustment sensations are temporary as the system fits into oral contours.

How do lingual braces differ from traditional ones?

Lingual braces are a modern solution without elastic bands or ligatures. Smaller in design and more aesthetically-pleasing, lingual braces use a slide mechanism that supports the archwire and gently repositions teeth without discomfort.

You can find out more about lingual braces with self-ligating systems by contacting a dentist.

Dentists discuss all aspects of lingual braces with you so that you fully understand what your treatment plan aims to achieve and how the braces system works in your specific case. If lingual braces are not suitable, such as for more severe orthodontic conditions, alternative modern braces solutions may be discussed. For more information on lingual braces please contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in London.


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