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Let Your Smile Do The Talking With A Smile Makeover In Central London


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If you’re sick of hiding in the background of group photos or you dread meeting new people or going into face to face business meetings because you dislike the look of your smile, now is the time to let your smile do the talking. With our amazing smile makeovers, we can transform your imperfect pearly whites into a stunning healthy looking smile, so you feel confident wherever you are.

Smile makeovers at Harley Street Dental Studio

Our smile makeovers are designed to make your dental dreams come true. We understand how important it is to feel confident and comfortable and your smile has such a significant influence in how you look and feel. With our makeovers, we can do almost anything imaginable and we promise to make sure that you look and feel amazing once your treatment is complete.

We have a wide range of treatments at our disposal to create incredible results. We have solutions for missing teeth, orthodontic issues and restorative issues, as well as aesthetic problems, and we can combine different kinds of treatments to make your smile look incredible.

Our treatments include porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, white fillings, dental bridges, crowns and implants, cosmetic braces and cosmetic bonding, to name but a few.

Your treatment plan

Planning is essential with a smile makeover and we take this stage of treatment very seriously; we invite our patients to share their ideas and aid us in the design process and we also discuss the treatment options thoroughly to ensure that you feel able to make a decision about which treatments you would like to include in your makeover. Our service is personalised and bespoke and every makeover we do is slightly different. We cater to your needs, but we also take your preferences into account. Once we have planned treatment, we can begin your transformation and we will be here every step of the way throughout the duration of the treatment process.




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