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Keep Your Smile White with Composite Fillings


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Just because you need a filling, it doesn’t mean that the look of your smile has to change. We offer white fillings to restore your teeth and preserve your beautiful white smile. You may be advised to have a filling if you have a hole (cavity) in your tooth.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are made from dental composite combined with resins. They are called white fillings because the composite is white in colour. There are various shades of dental composite available and your dentist will match the closest shade of composite to your natural tooth for the best aesthetics.

Before white fillings became popular, most people had silver amalgam fillings, which are highly visible when you open your mouth. Amalgam fillings have served a purpose for decades and they are very strong, but white fillings are considered a safer option and they are obviously much more aesthetically pleasing.

What happens when you have a white filling?

White fillings help to make the teeth stronger and more resistant to injury without compromising the aesthetic of the smile. Before your tooth is filled, it will be numbed using local anaesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Your dentist will remove any decayed tissue from the cavity and clean the tooth thoroughly and then start to layer the composite inside the cavity. Often, a series of layers are used to create a more natural look. Once your dentist is happy with the filling, they will shine a curing light onto the cavity to set the composite firm. The process of setting the composite is very quick, lasting just six seconds. We will ask you to wear a set of protective glasses at this stage. Once the filling is finished, you will be able to use the tooth like any other tooth. You can eat and drink normally and you shouldn’t feel anyΒ discomfort.


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