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Lots of people want straighter teeth, but you might have been put off taking the plunge because you don’t want to wear braces. But today’s braces aren’t the big, bulky train-tracks you might have seen when you were at school. Nowadays you don’t need to worry about how a brace might affect your image and can smile with confidence before your braces even come off!

Invisible treatments

No matter what your orthodontic needs, there’s bound to be a discreet brace to suit you. Popular invisible treatments include:


Invisalign is different to a brace because it uses a series of clear aligners rather than one fixed brace. These are very light and are made from see-through plastic, so once they’re on your teeth, they’ll barely be noticeable! You’ll wear each aligner for two weeks and you won’t need to worry about them getting in the way when you eat or brush your teeth, because you can just take them out!

STb Social 6 braces

These braces  are fixed to the lingual side of the teeth (which means the back of the teeth rather than the front). These braces afford patients complete discretion during the treatment process because they are completely invisible when you smile. This system is specifically geared towards patients with issues that affect the social 6 – the six teeth at the front of the mouth on the top and bottom arches. Treatment time is very quick, with an average treatment time of just 10-16 weeks and the braces use state of the art technology to reduce friction.

These braces are known as lingual braces, which means they’re fixed onto the back of your teeth. So you can have your teeth straightened in total secret! If you’ve got problems with your front teeth, these could be the perfect braces for you, because ‘social 6’ means those six front teeth most noticeable when you smile. As they only focus on a few teeth, treatment time is super speedy – you could have a straighter smile in just 16 weeks!


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