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It may come as a bit of a shock, but dentists have been performing Botox injections on patients for years. Botox injections are used to regain a youthful appearance to the face. Administered as an outpatient procedure, the jabs address problems of crow’s feet, reduce wrinkles and can be used to plump and shape lips.

Receiving Botox treatment from your dentist is a safe and effective method of undergoing the procedure. According to dentists who offer the procedure, the expertise required to deal with needles for numbing the jaws and gums enables them to perform Botox injections flawlessly.

The procedure is generally quick. After an initial consultation the injection occurs in the specified location. Generally, the procedure takes about four days before its effects are visible.

Although Botox is considered to be a safe procedure, there are possible side effects that one should watch for. These include: bruising, redness or numbness at injection site, headache, nausea, flu-like symptoms, pain and muscle weakness that limits facial movement.

Botox can be used for a host of other reasons, barring cosmetic enhancements. It is used to control profuse sweating, to cease eyelid and eye muscle spasms, to relieve migraines and to cease neck muscle spasms.Β  Of course, Botox injections can be received from cosmetic surgeons.

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