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The menopause; such a dilemma for many. No longer are those monthly cycles happening and there is minimal chance of conceiving naturally. To some, this might be the tip of the horrendous iceberg as not everyone wants this mothering possibility to be a natural end for the person concerned. But what thought doesn’t appear in many people’s mind is what effect this could have on the dental health of those undergoing the menopause which ranges from those in their thirties to even in their mid-sixties.

Research conducted on twenty eight postmenopausal women (aged fifty one to eighty) who had followed the recommended daily oral health standards laid down by the American Dental Association (ADA) of brushing twice a day, flossing regularly and visiting their dentist twice a year were compared with the same number of women of the same age who were currently taking bisphosphonate drugs; the latter being medical treatment for those which treat the loss of bone mass.

The results were staggering. Bone strength were recorded as being the same but both groups of people were seen as having the same increase in the level of plaque; a substance which if left untreated can have a drastic effect on any persons dental health. If plaque is left on a tooth or on several teeth, there is a drastic chance of the tooth suffering from gum disease that could, in turn, lead to one or several teeth becoming loose or falling out completely.

What this research suggests is that even though the possibility of postmenopausal women’s chance of conceiving naturally decreases, they should never forget that the health of their teeth will not improve and the utmost of care needs to be taken in order for them to keep their teeth for as long as possible.

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