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When the safety of a product we use on a daily basis has its safety questioned by the media, it is always a little unnerving. I have spotted a couple of articles lately(1),(2) discussing the safety of toothpaste and, as you would expect, these naturally caught my eye.

Tiny plastic beads have been found in a few brands of toothpaste and, although approved as safe by the Food and Drugs Agency, the concern is that these beads are becoming stuck in the small spaces between the teeth and gums, potentially trapping bacteria and leading to gum disease.

Although this issue is likely to get sensationalised in the media, it must be pointed out that this only applies to some brands of toothpaste (who have promised to remove this ingredient due to public concern). This in no way means that the toothpaste you use every morning and evening is ‘bad’ for you.

Quite the opposite, in fact; the benefits of toothpaste far outweigh the concerns highlighted in these reports. The fluoride contained in your toothpaste has been proven to help you to reduce the risk of dental decay and brushing with it helps to remove the plaque on your teeth, keeping your teeth cavity free and breath fresh.

Remember flossing between the teeth will also form part of your optimum oral hygiene routine, ridding your mouth of the bacteria that lurk in the places that a brush can’t reach!

If you’re still unsure and would like advice on your toothpaste, what toothbrush to use, when is the best time to brush your teeth or any other area of your oral hygiene, call Harley Street Dental Group on +44 (0) 20 7636 5981 to make an appointment where we’ll be happy to talk things through. You can now even book directly with one of our hygiene team for a professional cleaning and how to optimise you oral hygiene care at home.



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