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Invisalign With A Twist For Patients In The City Of London


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Invisalign is perhaps the most discreet orthodontic treatment available. Completely transparent and wafer thin, Invisalign fits closely to the teeth and is almost completely invisible.

The discreet nature, short treatment times and affordable price point has made Invisalign one of the most premier forms of treatment. Like any other form of technology, evolution takes place and at Harley Street Dental Studio we are proud to present Invisalign Lite.

What is Invisalign Lite?

Like the original Invisalign treatment Invisalign Lite is virtually invisible and fully covers the teeth requiring treatment. Minor teeth positioning problems can be effectively addressed and because it is removable, eating, drinking and cleaning are unaffected.

The real benefit of Invisalign Lite is that it is faster than the original and is even considered to be an express version of the very successful original.

Invisalign Lite is designed specifically for the most minor treatments and so requires only 10 to 15 sets of aligners throughout the treatment. The smooth surface of the plastic makes treatment comfortable, allowing smooth and effective repositioning of the teeth.

What Does the Treatment Consist of?

After an initial consultation at Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London, we can establish whether the treatment is suitable. If it is, moulds and sophisticated photographs are taken of the patient’s teeth. These are used to produce a detailed 3-D image which allows the treatment path to be planned in detail.

Using the carefully constructed treatment plan, custom-made aligners are produced. These are worn for anything up to 6 months, by which time the treatment will be complete. The original Invisalign

typically produced treatment times of a year to a year and a half. Invisalign Lite takes less than half of that time and any onlooker will be completely unaware that a brace is being worn.




Invisalign With A Twist For Patients In The City Of London

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