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Invisalign clear aligners are the popular choice when it comes to straightening teeth.

When it comes to the choice of which dental treatment to take to help straighten your teeth, there is one clear winner – Invisalign clear aligners. Over 500,000 people around the globe are choosing to have their crooked, overcrowded or gap teeth adjusted with the system, which discreetly and conveniently corrects problems in the mouth. Rather than suffer with ugly, uncomfortable braces that are on show for all to see, Invisalign patients are opting for the almost invisible aligners that make dental treatment a breeze. This is how Invisalign is winning the battle of the braces.

Invisalign – Battle of the Braces

Traditional metal braces may have dominated the dental market for the longest time, but they are losing their grip on poll position due to innovative new products like Invisalign. Dental and orthodontic patients can – depending on the condition affecting their teeth – choose to opt for the system of discreet invisible aligners rather than have their appearance flawed by metal bands and wires on their teeth.

Invisalign – Winning Features

These are some of the advantages Invisalign has over traditional products in the battle of the braces:

  • Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, making them far more discreet than braces. For adults, this means life can continue as normal with work and social activities, without having to feel self-conscious about their appearance. For children and teenagers, it means avoiding the bullying so commonly linked with braces.
  • Invisalign aligners are removed for eating and drinking, allowing for a far more pleasant dining experience, especially in public. Brace wearers struggle with food getting caught in their devices, and are restricted on certain foods such as anything sticky or crunchy. With Invisalign, you can eat anything you desire.
  • Invisalign aligners are removed for brushing and flossing teeth, meaning a far higher standard of oral hygiene can be maintained than with braces. Brace-wearers often suffer from increased cavities and decay because they are unable to care properly for their teeth.

Invisalign – Be Part of the Winning Team

If you dread the thought of wearing braces, but long to have beautifully straight, corrected teeth, then you can join the winning Invisalign team by booking a free consultation with a qualified dentist. Some dentists will even offer a complimentary tooth whitening treatment so as well as having aligned teeth, so they will also dazzle anyone you flash your smile at. Opt for a Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist and your teeth will be first through the finishing line for stunning smiles.

Do you want your smile transformed with Invisalign? Speak to Dr Mark Hughes

Cosmetic dentist Dr Mark Hughes is a leading Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist, offering the highest level of service on Invisalign treatment in his Harley Street Dental Studio, in The City of London and throughout the Home Counties. Dr Mark Hughes offers competitive prices on Invisalign treatment with payment plan options available, as well as including a complimentary consultation and complimentary tooth whitening in the package. To see what a difference Invisalign can make to your smile, reserve your complimentary consultation today by calling one of these numbers: 020 7636 5981 (Harley Street); 020 7377 6762 (Bishopsgate); 0118 984 3108 (Pangbourne).




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