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Invisalign is the favoured orthodontic treatment for actors everywhere.

The entertainment industry is a notoriously tough one when it comes to physical appearance. All actors and actresses know that in order to beat the fierce competition to parts, they have to look their absolute best. The prospect of having to wear braces to re-align teeth could be a massive career blow – a mouth full of metal just isn’t conducive to a good close-up. However, the Invisalign system of clear aligners means that actors can have a winning smile without having to stop working or sacrifice their chances of success.

Invisalign – Perfect Smile for Head Shots

A good head shot is the actor’s most essential tool. Without a high-quality photograph that shows off their best side and expresses their personality, they are unlikely to get put through for audition. A great smile is one way to enhance a head shot, especially for comedy actors, but if the subject in question is self-conscious of their less than perfect teeth, it will show through. An actor may also find themselves in the position of needing to have orthodontic treatment in order to create that winning Hollywood smile, but know that wearing braces would risk their immediate chances of getting jobs. With Invisalign, they can wear the clear plastic aligners with barely anyone noticing them, and can easily take them out for photo shoots.

Invisalign – Casting Confidence

Once the actor has made it through to an audition, they will want to wow the casting director with a winning smile. Invisalign can not only correct defects in the mouth to create that beaming grin, but as they are practically invisible they can be worn to auditions with confidence. And, as the actor can explain, Invisalign aligners can be easily removed, so close-ups will be no problem should they be considered for the part.

Invisalign – Winning Close-Ups

The actor has succeeded – and made it onto set. Now the script is calling for a close-up shot. With normal braces, an actor wouldn’t have made it this far, and they certainly wouldn’t be ready for their close-up. With Invisalign, they can simply remove the aligners whilst the scene is shot, then pop them back in afterwards. This way, the actor can continue to receive orthodontic treatment during filming, but without jeopardising their chances of creating a winning close-up shot – or getting a kiss with the leading lady.

Invisalign – Star of the Stage

Invisalign are even more convenient for stage actors and musical stars, whose audiences won’t get anywhere near close enough to be able to spot their Invisaligns. They can perform in comfort and confidence, knowing that their important orthodontic treatment is continuing without disruption.

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