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Choose the Invisalign system for straight teeth and a healthy mouth.

Having crooked or overcrowded teeth can be a real blow to your self-confidence, but it can be difficult to commit to wearing traditional braces when you know one consequence can be poor oral health. With the Invisalign system of clear aligners, you can rest assured that not only will your teeth be corrected so they look straight, but you can retain a high level of dental hygiene throughout the treatment. There are many other health benefits to the Invisalign system too, as this guide explains.

Invisalign – Straight Teeth

Invisalign is an exciting system of clear plastic aligners that can correct a variety of problems in the mouth, from crooked teeth to a crossbite. The greatest appeal is that thanks to the transparent material used, only those getting a close up view of your mouth will know that you’re even receiving treatment. Otherwise, you can go about your daily business wearing your Invisalign aligners, without feeling self-conscious about people looking at your mouth. After about a year to 18 months (depending on your required length of treatment), you can enjoy wonderful straight teeth and a dazzling smile.

Invisalign – Healthy Mouth

One of the downsides of wearing traditional braces is that the metal wires and bands can irritate the sensitive gum tissue inside the mouth. This problem is eradicated with Invisalign, which uses a much more gentle plastic material that is unlikely to cause a reaction. The Invisalign aligners can also be removed so you can thoroughly brush and floss your teeth as normal, as well as avoiding the problem of getting food stuck in braces. And because Invisalign can help correct bites, any chewing problems will be corrected too. Straight teeth lead to healthier gums, so you can prevent gum disease later in life by using the Invisalign system. Speech disorders are a result of badly aligned teeth, so you will find yourself expressing yourself more clearly with Invisalign too.

Invisalign – Making the Change

Committing to a year or more of dental treatment may seem intimidating, but the results produced by Invisalign make it well worth it. No amount of time or money can be placed on the benefits of having healthier teeth and a more beautiful smile that you are proud of. If you want to enjoy these changes, then book a consultation with a Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist and enjoy the benefits of Invisalign.

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