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Invisalign – London Straightens up its Act


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People are straightening up their act when its comes to the appearance of their teeth. Invisalign London is helping it happen.

Long gone are the jokes about English people having terrible teeth. With our love of all things celebrity, we’re following in the footsteps of our American cousins and taking greater pride in the appearance of our teeth, making sure they are straighter and whiter than ever before. And there’s a new treatment that is helping to make all that happen – Invisalign. London clients are raving about the system of clear aligners that correct teeth with comfort and convenience, instead of the embarrassment and pain of traditional metal braces. This is how Invisalign’s London dentists are helping the city get straight.

Invisalign – London goes straight

Londoners have been jibed for their bad teeth in many a Hollywood movie. One just has to think of Mike Myers’ depiction of 70’s spy Austin Powers to get the picture: crooked molars, stained yellow enamel and sticking out front teeth. But now the Brits are biting back with stunning smiles that are as straight and white as the best that LA has to offer. And the reason? Invisalign. London residents have recognised that attractive teeth will get them ahead in the business and dating worlds, and are investing in the clear aligners that can adjust any flaws. Whether you have gaps in teeth, an overcrowded mouth or a crossbite, Invisalign London dentists can set them straight.

Invisalign London – A city of secret smiles

Invisalign London fans are most grateful for the fact that Invisalign can correct their teeth in secret. The clear plastic used to make the aligners is practically invisible, so only people getting up close and personal to you will notice they’re even there. This means you can continue with your social and professional life without fearing ridicule, or feeling self-conscious about your appearance. This makes Invisalign perfect for actors and models who need to continue working but couldn’t possibly wear a metal brace. Invisalign: London is smiling in secret at its benefits.

Invisalign – London smiles in comfort

Undergoing treatment with a traditional metal brace can not only make you feel awkward about your appearance, but is also physically uncomfortable too. As Invisalign London based users have found, the clear aligners cause less discomfort and disruption because they can be removed for eating and drinking, and their plastic material eliminates the irritation associated with metal braces.

Invisalign – London dentists offer the best

Invisalign London dentists are highly experienced professional who can transform your teeth. For the ultimate service and expertise, book a consultation with an Invisalign London Platinum Elite dentist. Chances are you will find yourself seated next to a TV or sporting star in their waiting room, as they will offer you the best treatment and care as you experience Invisalign. London smiles are straighter, whiter and brighter as a result of their hard work.

Do you want your smile transformed by Invisalign London? Speak to Dr Mark Hughes

Cosmetic dentist Dr Mark Hughes is a leading Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist, offering the highest level of service on Invisalign treatment in his Harley Street Dental Studio, in The City of London and throughout the Home Counties. Dr Mark Hughes offers competitive prices on Invisalign London treatment with payment plan options available, as well as including a complimentary consultation and complimentary tooth whitening in the package. To see what a difference Invisalign can make to your smile, reserve your complimentary consultation today by calling one of these numbers: 020 7636 5981 (Harley Street); 020 7377 6762 (Bishopsgate); 0118 984 3108 (Pangbourne).

Invisalign – London Straightens up its Act

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