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The latest high-tech dental treatment for transforming teeth is called Invisalign. London patients are enjoying the benefits.

When it comes to revolutionary dental treatments, the name on everyone’s lips is Invisalign. London dental patients are increasingly requesting the system to help straighten their teeth out and correct crooked teeth, overcrowding and overbites. Comprising clear aligners that are custom-made in advanced technology laboratories, Invisalign is the choice for people who want their dental treatment to utilize the latest knowledge and expertise in dentistry. Offering discreet, convenient straightening treatment, there is no other system like Invisalign – London patients and dentists both agree.

Invisalign – London Love of High-Tech Treatments

England may have a reputation for being a traditional, historic country, but there is nothing old-fashioned about the technology used to create Invisalign. London dentists who are top of the industry – and who count celebrities amongst their clients – are increasingly adding Invisalign to their list of treatments. Their patients no longer want to settle for the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional metal braces, and due to their professions or busy personal lives, are reluctant to have a visible dental system marring their fashionable images. Now their needs are being met by Invisalign, London’s latest dental trend.

Invisalign – London Expects the Best

London is a city that expects the best, whether it’s the highest quality restaurants, the most fashionable designer stores or the most exclusive hotels. Because the city is frequented by celebrities, world leaders and high-powered businessmen, the city’s service providers really do need to cater to top standards. And dental treatment is no different. Invisalign London dentists can rest assured that the teeth straightening treatment they are offering to their clients will meet their high expectations. The system of clear aligners provides effective correction of teeth with the utmost of discretion. The simple system requires that the user only has to change the aligner for a new set each fortnight, and removes them for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. This also means there are extra benefits to Invisalign. London users will be able to attend high-profile dinners and parties without the embarrassment that eating with braces can cause.

Invisalign – London Enjoys Premium Treatment

If you want to harness the high level of dental technology offered by this system, then book a consultation with a top dentist offering Invisalign. London boasts a selection of Platinum Elite Invisalign Dentists who offer a premium service with the highest standards of care, and the most luxurious treatment rooms. If you expect nothing less than the best, then these Invisalign London dentists will be able to help you make the most of the revolutionary treatment.

Do you want your smile transformed by Invisalign? London dentist Dr Mark Hughes can help

Cosmetic dentist Dr Mark Hughes is a leading Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist, offering the highest level of service on Invisalign treatment in his Harley Street Dental Studio, in The City of London and throughout the Home Counties. Dr Mark Hughes offers competitive prices on Invisalign London treatment with payment plan options available, as well as including a complimentary consultation and complimentary tooth whitening in the package. To see what a difference Invisalign can make to your smile, reserve your complimentary consultation today by calling one of these numbers: 020 7636 5981 (Harley Street); 020 7377 6762 (Bishopsgate); 0118 984 3108 (Pangbourne).




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