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Invisalign London is transforming smiles in the capital city with the latest in orthodontic technology

Invisalign London is helping residents of the capital to change the stereotype that the English have bad teeth with its high-tech system of clear plastic retainers. Instead of being the butt of bad jokes about crooked or gappy teeth, Londoners will now be able to hold their heads up high and dazzle with their smiles. Invisalign’s London patients are enjoying the freedom of using the system, which offers a comfortable and convenient alternative to ugly, clunky metal braces. Here’s how:

Invisalign London – Seeing the Difference

Invisalign London is changing the way that people view orthodontic treatment. Instead of dreading having to wear a pair of uncomfortable and unsightly pair of braces for an extended period of time, patients can now look forward to the convenient and discreet treatment that the Invisalign London system offers. People are really seeing the difference in the way their teeth are being straightened and adjusted – without anyone else seeing the treatment take place. Because Invisalign are made from clear plastic, they are virtually invisible. They can also be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, so not only is it easier to take part in sociable activities like dinner parties, but they can also help maintain high levels of oral hygiene.

Invisalign London – The System

The Invisalign London system begins with a consultation with a specially trained Invisalign dentist or orthodontist. They will guide you through the many benefits of Invisalign, and help you decide if it’s for you. Payment packages are made available by many dentists from Invisalign London, so you can discuss an affordable repayment plan to enable you to undergo treatment. The first step is to then have your bite impressions sent to the Invisalign London laboratory, where your set of clear aligners will be custom-made by advanced computer technology. Once you receive your set, you then simply wear a different pair each fortnight until treatment is complete. Your Invisalign London dentist will be on hand to provide expert aftercare and advise you on the proper care of your beautiful new smile.

Invisalign London – Elite Service

London is unique in that it offers you the chance to receive treatment from a Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist. The expert treatment you receive from these Invisalign London professionals will be second to none, giving you peace of mind that the service you are receiving is the absolute best. Some of these special Invisalign London dentists may offer special extras, such as a complimentary teeth whitening treatment to complete your stunning new smile.

Do you want your smile transformed by Invisalign London? Speak to Dr Mark Hughes

Cosmetic dentist Dr Mark Hughes is a leading Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist, offering the highest level of service on Invisalign treatment in his Harley Street Dental Studio, in The City of London and throughout the Home Counties. Dr Mark Hughes offers competitive prices on Invisalign treatment with payment plan options available, as well as including a complimentary consultation and complimentary tooth whitening in the package. To see what a difference Invisalign can make to your smile, reserve your complimentary consultation today by calling one of these numbers: 020 7636 5981 (Harley Street); 020 7377 6762 (Bishopsgate); 0118 984 3108 (Pangbourne).




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