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Invisalign ‘Invisible’ Braces for Shy Teens and Self-Conscious Adults Living in Central London


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Even the most confident people balk at the idea of needing braces. If you’re already shy or self-conscious, it can seem terrifying. However, revolutions in dental technology have created a tooth-alignment system that is virtually unnoticeable, but is extremely effective at giving you a straighter, more confident smile: Invisalign braces.

What problems can Invisalign tackle?

Invisalign braces can be used to fix many of the same dental problems as traditional braces. They are effective at closing gaps between the teeth, straightening uneven teeth and adjusting overbites or underbites.

Is Invisalign as effective as traditional braces?

It’s not just as effective—it’s better. In many cases, Invisalign takes half the amount of time that traditional metal braces take to adjust the position of the teeth because the aligners are changed approximately every two weeks, meaning the teeth are constantly reconfigured to their ideal position. Furthermore, because they are removable, Invisalign braces do not incur the problems with brushing, flossing and eating that traditional braces do.

Why are there different types of Invisalign braces?

Invisalign Lite braces fix minor alignment problems, and require fewer aligners and less time to adjust the teeth than the original Invisalign. Both of these treatments, however, are designed for adults. To tackle the problems dentists most commonly found in teenagers, Invisalign Teen was created. Taking an average of one year to complete the treatment, Invisalign Teen braces have a Blue Dot Wear Indicator that tells the user when they should replace their current aligners. This is designed to solve the issue of rebellious teenagers not wearing the braces as often as they should.

Consequently, Invisalign not only results in a more confident smile at the end of the treatment, but eliminates the embarrassment many self-conscious people in Central London may feel when wearing traditional metal braces. For a straighter smile and confidence throughout the procedure, what more could you want?


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