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Invisalign clear aligners are helping thousands worldwide enjoy a stunning celebrity smile.

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity nowadays, with a slim figure, glossy hair, designer clothes, and most of all, a dazzling straight, white smile. For many people the latter has been out of reach without the help of traditional braces, which can make you feel uncomfortable about your image throughout treatment. Now Invisalign, an exciting new product from America, is helping British people emulate their favourite celebrity and enjoy a happy ending when it comes to their teeth.

Invisalign – A-List Smiles

Not every Hollywood star has enjoyed the luxury of perfect teeth since birth, and many have turned to dental treatments such as porcelain veneers to get their smile onto the A-list. Some, like Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, have even had to suffer the indignity of wearing traditional braces to get their smile fit for close-ups. If you want an alternative to the massive cost of veneers, and don’t want to wear metal braces, then Invisalign is a great option to create a red carpet smile.

Invisalign – Best and Worst Celebrity Smiles

If you would like your smile transformed by Invisalign, then take inspiration from some of these celebrity smiles – and avoid some of the worst gnashers:

  • Jessica Simpson

The bubbly blonde singer who gave hot-pants a new lease of life thanks to her role in The Dukes of Hazzard, has a typical Hollywood smile. Her whiter than white teeth are envied by girls everywhere, but Jessica jokes that she can do the best rabbit impression courtesy of her large front teeth. Using Invisalign can help you get straight teeth like Jessica’s.

  • Halle Berry

The Oscar winning actress has the most sought-after smile style in Hollywood, with women everywhere wishing they had her neat, perfectly-formed teeth. Even the members of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry voted her as having the best-looking teeth of any female celebrities. If you want to make the same impression with your smile, turn to Invisalign to have imperfections corrected.

  • Tom Cruise

The Mission Impossible hunk has been through a lot of dental treatment to get his heart-melting smile in top condition. Tom has even had to wear braces as well as invest in porcelain veneers to correct the crooked teeth of his youth. He could have saved himself a lot of money and inconvenience if he had chosen Invisalign.

  • Steve Buscemi

Steve may be loved for playing baddies in quirky movies like Fargo, but his teeth are more frightening than the characters he takes on. Yellow, crooked, and full of gaps, his teeth need some serious TLC. Using Invisalign would help straighten out his mouth, and with the complimentary whitening treatment offered by many Platinum Elite Invisalign dentists, he could soon have a set of attractive pearly whites.

Invisalign – Get your Celebrity Smile

To look like your favourite celebrity with straight, white teeth, book a consultation with an experienced Invisalign dentist, and get ready for your close-up.

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