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Invisalign clear braces can put an end to bullying for teens who need their teeth transformed.

Teenagers with braces are an easy target for bullies, earning them cruel nicknames like “metal mouth” and “tin grin”. At such a sensitive age, when children are already highly self-conscious, wearing obvious metal braces can just add to the agony. Severe bullying can have repercussions into adulthood, and could dent a child’s confidence so badly that they have a permanently low self-image. However, there is now a solution to put a stop to the torment of teen brace-wearers. Invisalign is a system of almost-invisible clear plastic aligners that make adjustments without being seen. So now teenagers can receive the orthodontic treatment they need, without going through any unnecessary suffering.

Invisalign – Teen Teething Problems

Teenagers are the age group most likely to need orthodontic treatment, as their adult teeth grow through into their mouth. Unfortunately for some, the teeth may emerge in a less than perfect formation, with overcrowding, wide spaces, and overbites causing the most common problems. Invisalign can effectively correct these issues without the need for unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces.

Invisalign – Benefits for teens

Invisalign brings an abundance of benefits for teens, including these key features:

  • Invisalign aligners are made out of clear plastic and are therefore almost invisible. No longer will your teen feel acutely self-conscious because their teeth are being treated – and their risk of being bullied is dramatically decreased.
  • Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating, so your teen won’t have to suffer embarrassing moments of getting food stuck in their braces – or not being able to eat certain foods – when out with friends.
  • The Invisalign system allows for better oral hygiene, as the aligners can be removed before brushing. This means your teens will be less likely to have ongoing problems such as decays as they get older.
  • Invisalign won’t limit your teenager’s enjoyment of life. They will be able to go out on dates without feeling self-conscious about their mouth, and can even slip their braces out before they get a good night kiss!
  • Invisalign braces are ideal for teen models whose teeth need improving. Metal braces could damage their chances of getting good modelling jobs, whereas with Invisalign they can take their aligners out for close-up shots. Your teen model will then be able to enjoy perfect teeth after their treatment, long into their adult years.

Invisalign – Teen Consultations

If you want your teenager to have the smoothest passage through their adolescent years, then book them a consultation for Invisalign treatment. Look for a Platinum Elite Invisalign dentist to be assured of the best possible treatment. Your teen will thank you for it.

Do you want your smile transformed with Invisalign? Speak to Dr Mark Hughes

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