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Introducing White Spot Treatment


How can we help?

We are delighted to offer a revolutionary treatment for white spots. If you have white spots on your teeth and you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your smile or you’d simply like to banish your spots for a beautiful smile, we have the perfect solution for you. Icon treatment improves the appearance of the teeth without any pain or drilling.

What exactly is Icon treatment?

Icon treatment provides a solution for white spots on the teeth and mottled teeth; it involves using a process known as infiltration to blend the shade of the white spots with the rest of the tooth. This procedure is minimally-invasive and you won’t experience any pain at all. The first stage of treatment involves etching the surface of the tooth by applying HCI-Etch gel to the tooth; ethanol is then applied to the tooth and this dries the gel. The second stage of treatment involves infiltration; once the first phase is complete, the Icon-Infiltrant infiltrates into the enamel, creating a beautiful aesthetic and ensuring you never have to worry about your white spots again.

What causes white spots?

There are various possible causes of white spots, including:

  • staining after orthodontic treatment
  • fluorosis (white spots caused by exposure to high levels of fluoride)
  • decalcification
  • trauma during childhood

The benefits of Icon treatment

Icon treatment produces really effective results with minimal pain, no drilling and no interference with healthy tooth structure.

If you’d like to find out more, call today and book a consultation.

Introducing White Spot Treatment

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