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Introducing Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guards In The City Of London


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Success in elite sport often boils down to the smallest margins and athletes are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance to propel them to the next level. We are delighted to offer the Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guard, which enhances performance and may make the difference between winning and losing.

This mouth guard is much more than a gum shield and it has numerous benefits for your health and the way you perform on the pitch.

What is the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is an extremely advanced appliance, which is designed to protect the teeth and gums, as well as improving strength, flexibility and mobility. The appliance is specially designed to correct the alignment of the jaw and each mouth guard is custom-made using very detailed information about the individual’s mouth. State of the art computer software is used to ascertain the optimum position of the jaw and this information is used to influence the manufacturing process.

When you place the mouth guard over your teeth, it automatically adjusts the position of the jaw to make sure it is in the best possible place. This reduces strain on the muscles around the jaw, improves the alignment of the arches of teeth and facilitates better muscle contraction. It also helps to improve posture, which reduces the risk of injuries, back pain and aches in the neck and shoulders.

Who can benefit from the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

Anyone who plays a sport that carries a risk of injury to the jaw, teeth or gums is advised to wear a protective mouth guard and we strongly recommend the Pure Power Mouth Guard for athletes of all abilities. Wearing the guard will enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury, whether you enjoy a kick about on the rugby pitch twice a week, or you are a professional athlete competing in international competitions. We recommend wearing a mouth guard if you play football, rugby, hockey or lacrosse or you participate in boxing, martial arts or other fighting sports.




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