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Missing teeth can be a major problem, not just in terms of how they can affect a smile or confidence, or bite, but in the treatments that follow. A missing tooth typically stops the gum bone retaining the same thickness because there is no tooth to support. This thinning of the gum bone can also reduce support to surrounding parts of the face causing a slight sag. Another problem is teeth around the gap tend to rotate and lean into the gap.

Traditionally implants require many visits and months of healing phases, but Harley Street Dental Studio have once again led the way in cosmetic dentistry with the Straumann Implant System

Who are the Straumann Company?

Founded in 1950s, The Straumann Company have always heavily invested year-on-year in there search of dental technology with their partners who consist of a variety of international research and clinical institutes. Their name is synonymous with quality and have become a major force in dental implants, used by many top UK dentists.

Why Are Straumann Implants the Best?

The investment in research paid off when it was discovered that titanium is readily accepted by the body. In other words, the body naturally attaches to titanium because it thinks titanium is part of the body.

Straumann implants are given a rough surface which when combined with the body’s readiness to attach to it, increase stability and strength by giving the gum bone something to grab on to.

Straumann implants are probably the strongest implants on the market today, and they require only one placement procedure because the implant is not covered by gum tissue.

This means there is no second surgery to uncover the implant, saving both time and discomfort. Straumann implants have a proven track record with a success rate of over 95% after 10 years.

Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of London have an implant dentist in house, Nick Fahey, which means there is no need to travel to different dentists through each step of the treatment





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