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Straumann® Implant System

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Straumann® Implant System
Dental Implants in London and the UK

For people with missing teeth, dental implants can be life-changing. By securely holding dentures and dental crowns in place, dental implants are an excellent tooth-replacement option. For UK and London-area patients, Harley Street Dental Studio offers the Straumann® Implant System, the finest implants available. Our implant expert Dr. Nick Fahey places Straumann® dental implants right here at our London-based practice, saving you the hassle of having to visit multiple dentists. To learn more about how you might benefit from Straumann® implants, contact our office today.

What are Straumann® Dental Implants?

The Straumann® Implant System has crafted a product that rises above other dental implants in the UK, making it the choice of London's Harley Street Dental Studio. The Straumann® Implant System's tapered titanium implant anchors to the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. Because the body readily accepts titanium, the gum and jawbone heal quickly and bond completely with the implant. The Straumann® Implant System can be used as a fixed base for dentures and crowns, freeing you from the inconvenience of removable dentures.

Superior Dental Implants

Straumann® implants differ from other brands of dental implants in that they:

  • Integrate remarkably with oral tissue.
    • For unparalleled bonding stability, the implant is roughened so that the jawbone adheres to the entire implant surface.
  • Require only one placement procedure.
    • Since the implant is not covered with gum tissue after placement, no second surgery is required to uncover it before attaching restorations.
  • Heal quickly.
    • The mouth easily accepts titanium and heals quickly after placement.
  • Anchor a variety of artificial teeth.
    • The Straumann® Implant System is compatible with both dentures and crowns.

Backed by Clinical Research

Founded in 1954, the Swiss-based Straumann® Company prides itself on exceptional quality and top-notch research for its products. Straumann® reinvests approximately 6 percent of its profits into research, making it a leading contributor to implantology research. The Straumann® Company works with international research and clinical institutes, such as the International Team for Implantology (ITI) and the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO). With such a commitment to quality, it is no wonder that Straumann® dental implants are the choice of many top UK implant dentists.

Placing Dental Implants

The placement procedure for dental implants follows a series of simple steps:

  • For patients with inadequate bone mass to support the implant, bone replacement material and regenerative gum tissue gel can reinforce the implant site.
  • Using local anesthetic, the implant dentist will carefully anchor the implant into the jawbone. The Straumann® Implant System is unique in that, after placement, the Straumann® implant is not covered with gum tissue. There is therefore no need for a second surgery to uncover it before attaching the artificial tooth.
  • Your jawbone will be allowed to heal and bond to the implant before the dentures are attached. During the six-week to twelve-month recovery time, you will wear a temporary restoration
  • Once the implant site has healed, your artificial teeth will be put in place for a durable, realistic looking smile.

Proven Success

The Straumann® Implant System has a reported success rate of 95 percent or above after 10 years. Because of their complete integration with oral tissue, Straumann® implants heal quickly and are remarkably stable in the critical early healing stage after placement. Controlled, clinical trials of its products have documented the successful placement of millions of Straumann® dental implants in the UK and worldwide.

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