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Dr Pradnya Apte

General, Cosmetic & Facial Aesthetics
BDS (Liverpool 1993) (GDC 69295)

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Dr Pradnya Apte

Dr Pradnya Apte’s skills in both dentistry and aesthetics have earned her the moniker The Lip Dentist.

She has practised aesthetics since 2006 - opening her first clinic in Exter in 2015 and joining us at Harley Street in 2019.

Over more than a decade in practice, Pradnya has worked alongside first-class professionals on London’s Harley Street and established a reputation as one of the UK’s most skilled aesthetics practitioners.

Her unique combination of dentistry and aesthetic experience allows her to incorporate comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy to take a three-dimensional approach to treatment not found elsewhere.

Her dentistry experience and warm, friendly manner make Pradnya a favourite among our more anxious patients and those with needle phobia.

Pradnya’s adopts a rigorously scientific approach to treatment and continues to stay up-to-date with the latest industry advances. She is a regular speaker at international industry events and a contributor to Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dentistry journals. Pradnya is also a columnist for Sunday Woman magazine.

She provides a range of facial rejuvenation treatments including collagen stimulating and dermal fillers, SkinBoosters, Profhilo, SilhouetteSoft non-surgical thread lifts, anti-wrinkle injections and the cheek, chin and lip augmentations for which she is famous.

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The Lip Dentist: Dr Pradnya Apte, has perfected the most impeccable natural lip augmentation using a combination of her knowledge of the skeletal structure of the face and the perfect aesthetic products for lips. Known for creating a natural lip augmentation, Dr Pradnya uses a combination of dermal fillers and dental blocks to achieve a pain free treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are designed for wrinkle correction, facial contouring and volume restoration, offering immediate natural-looking results. They acts like an inflated cushion by attracting water and then they support facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity due to normal ageing. They blend with the tissue underneath the skin to give a natural look. Dr Pradnya uses products designed specifically for lip augmentations because of their ability to look natural and offer long lasting results. Lip augmentation results for all the filler types last on average 6 -7 months.

Her patients leave the clinic with ready to go lips without the side effects of pain, swelling or weeping. Dr Pradnya prides herself on being one of the most skilled medical injectors in the UK with this three dimensional approach to lip augmentation.


  • Dr Pradnya Apte has completed Facial Aesthetics makeovers

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