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Dr. Mark Hughes

Lead Clinician, Practice Limited to Cosmetic & Complex Restorative Dentistry
(BA BDentSc (Dubl) 1992, GDC: 68580)
Expert Cosmetic Dentistry in the heart of London

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About Founder Dr Mark Hughes

Dr Mark Hughes is the founder of Harley Street Dental Studio and our lead clinician. He has over 25 years’ experience of improving smiles, enhancing the lives of his patients and is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic dentists.

“Being able to improve the quality of life, confidence and happiness of my patients, through cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, has been the greatest privilege of my life”

Mark is an extremely caring dentist and takes enormous pride in his work. He provides dentistry of the highest standard and believes in pain free treatment, clinical excellence and superb service. He has embraced digital and high technology dentistry for most of his career and uses the very latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, materials and equipment.

Mark’s philosophy of practice is to provide Relationship Based, Patient Centred, and Comprehensive Care in his dentistry.

Mark gained his dental qualification at Trinity College in Dublin in 1992, graduating with Honours at this highly respected institution.

He completed his Diploma in Restorative Dentistry at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, London in 2003.

He continued his dental education in cosmetic and restorative dentistry at the world renowned Pankey Institute, in Florida in the United States, where he completed his training in 2008.

Dr Hughes continues to travel worldwide to further his dental education and is a full member and an Accreditation Candidate for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Dr Hughes is also an Accredited Member the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD).

The BACD Accreditation includes a rigorous process intended to show that dental practitioners and technicians can analyse, plan and execute cosmetic treatment to the highest standard and this should be done competently, safely and ethically. The accreditation procedure encourages you to rise to the next level of knowledge, logical creativity and understanding in cosmetic dentistry.

Mark has mentored and helped to train dozens of younger dentists and regularly lectures to his peers and colleagues.

Dr Mark Hughes has a long list of skills and career highlights including:

  • Multiple winner of the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards
  • Over 25 years’ experience in Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Invisalign accredited dentist and has treated almost 1000 cases
  • Extensive post graduate training, mainly in America
  • Brand representative for Sensodyne and Regenerate toothpastes
  • Numerous Radio and Television appearances and features in newspapers and magazines on Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Hailed as one of the most skilled cosmetic dentists in the UK
  • Has a client list that includes, business leaders, royalty, celebrities and heads of state
  • Regularly lectures and mentors other dentists on their career development

My Philosophy

My approach to providing dental care for my patients has always been about providing excellence when it comes to all aspects of the cosmetic and restorative dentistry that I offer. To use only the finest materials and equipment and to embrace high technology and innovations in dentistry.

I believe in excellent Customer Service.

I believe in offering Pain Free dentistry.

Dentistry is a passion and it is my mission to offer my patients the very best treatment and flawless results where possible, but it is just as important to me, maybe even more important, that the patient experience is second to none.

I pride myself on my very approachable nature, my ability to listen to the needs of my patients and on offering a very safe, warm and welcoming environment in which to discuss their concerns and needs.

My aim is to build life-long lasting relationships with my patients and their friends and families. This comes from a strong bond of trust between us.

I welcome anyone seeking advice about what the very best cosmetic and restorative dental treatment can do to enhance their lives and well-being.

My passion is for the enrichment of my patient’s lives through the treatment I can provide and the improvement to their overall health and their greater enjoyment of life as a result of what I can do.

Dr Mark Hughes

My Work

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Dr Mark Hughes
Offering the very highest standards of Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry. BA, BDentSc (Dubl) (Hons)

Dr Mark Hughes is the lead dentist at the practice. He has limited his practice to only cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 2 decades and as such has gained an incredible amount of experience in this field. He is one of the pioneers of cosmetic dentistry in the UK and has been travelling each year to attend post graduate training courses round the world to further his knowledge, skills and experience in cosmetic and complex dentistry. Mark is the founder of Harley Street Dental Studio and a director of the Harley Street Dental Group.


Mark has been providing cosmetic dentistry in central London now for over 20years and is one of the most sought after dentists who provide these treatments. This has included the placement of thousands of porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, cosmetic bonding and aesthetic orthodontic treatments. He was one of the very first cosmetic dentists to introduce Invisalign to his patients in London and has treated over 1000 patients with aesthetic and short term orthodontics. He has won many peer reviewed awards for aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry such as the Aesthetic Dentistry and Smile Awards.

Training and qualifications

In the early 90's Dr Hughes graduated from the world famous Trinity College with an honours degree. He began his further education in Restorative dentistry by attending the Eastman Dental Institute, earning their Diploma in Restorative dentistry. Since gaining both qualifications he has attended over 3000 hours of postgraduate training, attending courses all over the world, showing his drive and passion to become one of the very best cosmetic and restorative dentists in the UK today. He has also trained at the Pankey Institute in Florida and is one of the few UK dentists to continue to be involved in lecturing and mentoring dentists who attend Pankey courses.

Memberships held

Dr Hughes is a full member of a range of prestigious academies including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is an Alumnus of the world famous Pankey Institute in Florida and a full member of the British Dental Association.

Positions held

Mark works as a consultant for a range of dental products and has been a brand-ambassador for both Sensodyne and Regenerate toothpastes. He is one of the key opinion leaders in dentistry in the UK and is one of only two dentists in the UK that are members of the Channel 3 key opinion group in dentistry worldwide. Being one of the very first cosmetic dentists and advocate of 5* dentistry he has many industries asking him for expert advice and opinions on a range of cosmetic dental servicesDr Hughes is on the judging panel for the Private Dentistry Awards. He is also a lecturer on cosmetic dentistry and dental practice growth.

A relaxed, “pain free” and welcoming approach

Dr Hughes has always believed in “Patient-Centred” dentistry. As such his practices are designed such that the patient is offered the very best service and options for their treatment and to have a support team working with the dentists to be able to provide this. The customer experience is top on the list of priorities that his practices offer. This is a philosophy that was then nutured, following his time at the Pankey Institute. Patients who visit us are treated to a luxurious setting, a relaxed atmosphere and a very warm welcome. We use state of the art techniques and technology in conjunction with highly skilled cosmetic dentistry. Harley Street Dental Studio has one of the finest reputations in London and the wider UK but patients travel from all over the word to have treatment with Dr Hughes.

In the Media

Dr Hughes has appeared in a wide range of TV programmes offering his expert opinion, and has featured in newspapers, glossy magazines and even radio stations. Harley Street Dental Studio was the dental practice chosen to feature on the BBC documentary Inside Harley Street and Dr Hughes was interviewed extensively in the show. He has featured in a range of television advertisements for Sensodyne toothpaste and contributed the cosmetic dentistry to the TV show Pop goes the Band.

Customer satisfaction

We believe our results speak for themselves so please feel free to look at the patient testimonials for Dr Hughes and read about all his many satisfied, happy patients. We also have a patient gallery where you can view before and after pictures of some of the treatments he has carried out on his patients. Dr Hughes is the most popular and sought after dentist in the practice.

Highly Recommended

We do not have to sing our own praises; our patient's testimonials speak for themselves here at Harley Street Dental Studio.

What questions should you ask
when deciding which cosmetic dentist to choose?

Why choose Harley Street Dental studio?

We know that patients come to us wanting a wide range of dental procedures. We want patients to know that we have all the very latest treatments available to them under one roof. We have the very best dental implants, orthodontists, hygiene dentists, cosmetic dentists and even specialist dentists who visit us to help our patients achieve the results they want. We work closely as a team to provide our patients with the treatment and care they need without having to refer them to another dental clinic. All of our dentists are highly skilled and experienced in their fields.

Are all cosmetic dentists of the same high standard?

Cosmetic dentistry is a very competitive industry but that doesn't mean that all cosmetic dentists have achieved the same training, or gained the same qualifications in this field. Our very own Dr Mark Hughes is incredibly skilled and highly trained, which is why his patients put complete trust in his cosmetic dentistry abilities. This means that patients leave us after being treated by Dr Hughes with the results they are extremely happy with and a dental experience of the highest quality, which is why we recommend him as your chosen cosmetic dentist.

Are there any cosmetic treatments that have many years of research put into them?

Many of our Harley Street Dental Studio treatments have had extensive research carried out on them including cosmetic bonding, dental veneers, white fillings and our array of teeth whitening procedures. They all have proven results and have for many years.

How can you get in touch with us?

If you are in the London area and would like to get in touch with us about cosmetic dental treatment, we would be delighted to speak to you and invite you for a consultation.

My awards & achievements

Featured in BBC 2 documentary ‘Inside Harley Street’ April 2015

Dr Mark Hughes won awards for the best Conservative Composite Case and best Whitening case

Dr Mark Hughes with Khristo Ivanov who were both Highly Commended in Conservative Ceramic Case

Dr Mark Hughes receiving the Invisalign Platinum Doctor Certificate

  • As Seen on TV. Featured in BBC 2 documentary ‘Inside Harley Street’ April 2015
  • Dr Mark Hughes won awards for the best Conservative Composite Case and best Whitening case
    Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2014
  • "Highly Commended" in the category of Conservative Ceramic Case
    Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013
  • "Best Aesthetic Practice"
    Smile Awards 2012
  • "Highly Commended" in the category of Interdisciplinary Smile
    Smile Awards 2009
  • Platinum Doctor Invisalign® award