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Partners fee guide - Dr Mark Hughes & Dr Adam Thorne

Comprehensive Evaluation (includes detailed examination and full clinical assessment, treatment planning, Xrays and complimentary follow up consultation if required) £150
Invisible Braces Consultation £150
CT Scan (per jaw) £250
Home Tooth Whitening £395
Zoom! in surgery whitening £495
Zoom! Plus home whitening £750
Enlighten £750
Invisalign £3500
Inman Aligner £2000
Orthodontic Retainers (per jaw) £300
Diagnostic Wax /Prototype (per tooth) £100
Digital Smile Design £500
White Filling £400
Inlays £900
Crowns / Onlays (for multiple units per tooth) £1400
Bridges (per tooth) £1400
Single Tooth Highly Aesthetic Crown / Dark Tooth £1800
Aesthetic Bonding (per tooth) £500
Porcelain Veneers (for multiple units per tooth) £1200
Laser Gum Lift £600
Dental Implant Crown £1500
Root Canal Dressing (immediate pain relief) £350
Extractions from £150 - £400

*We highly recommend our Comprehensive Examination which will allow you to have the maximum time with one of our dentists, to discuss all dental options including any cosmetic dentistry and includes all X-rays required in the fee.

** Multiple Units = 4 teeth or more

Note this list is meant to be a guide to our charges and is not exhaustive. Some of the charges are starting prices only and the quoted fee can increase for complicated or more complex treatment challenges. Highly aesthetic treatments can carry significantly higher fees. Treatment prices quoted can vary between individual dentists. Fees will generally be higher for our Specialist, Senior Partner or Cosmetic dentists. A personalised treatment plan and estimate will be provided for you before beginning any treatment and will be based on your individual treatment needs, difficulty and requirements.