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Dr David Frey

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist & TMJ Expert
DDS Pacific 1989 (GDC 266698)

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Dr David Frey

Dr Frey has over 27 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, and has carved a reputation for high quality treatment, giving beautiful, whiter natural looking and feeling results. His use of advanced neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry techniques aligned to state of the art technology allows him to give any patient the smile of their dreams.

His precise work allows him to improve teeth in as short a time as a few hours. Dr Frey uses cosmetic dental treatments that can align teeth without braces, as well as replace mercury amalgam fillings with tooth-coloured porcelain crowns that enhance the beauty of existing teeth.

Dr Frey has particular experience with using neuromuscular dentistry to help patients with TMJ disorder, chronic neck pain and headaches, using state of the art medical and dental technology including CT scans, electromyography and sophisticated medical software to treat and reduce the pain of people with chronic neck pain and headaches.

Jon suffered from bruxism, and habitually would grind his teeth. As a result his teeth were worn down and starting to fracture from the years of damage. The first step we took to transforming his smile was correcting his bite. We used a custom-fitted orthotic device to find the natural resting position of his jaw and retain it. This treatment would not only reduce the wear and pressure on Jon’s teeth but helped him rest and recuperate without the anxiety and pain of bruxism and grinding teeth.

A dentist that practices both in California’s prestigious Beverley Hills as well as the prestigious Harley Street in London, Dr Frey graduated from the School of Dentistry at the University of Pacific, as well as Las Vegas’ Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, which forms part of his extensive experience in a variety of dental disciplines and areas.

Dr Frey has also travelled to Israel and worked at the Jerusalem Dental Centre for Children treating underprivileged children, and after a year of using his dental ability to help people in need in Israel, Dr Frey travelled back to California to set up his dental practice, a practice that crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

With a dedication to cosmetic dentistry and creating brighter, whiter and beautiful smiles for his patients, Dr Frey is a cosmetic dentist with a difference.

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