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How Zygomatic Implants Give Hope to Those Turned Down For Dental Implants


How can we help?

Have you been advised against having dental implants? If so, we may have an alternative that could soften the blow. Zygomatic implants are suitable for some patients who have been turned down for traditional implants as a result of a lack of strong bone tissue in the jaw.

What exactly are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants may be recommended as an alternative to traditional implants in cases where an individual lacks dense bone tissue in the jaw. In this case, the bone may not be able to support an implant and the risk of implant failure will be elevated. If a traditional implant isn’t a viable option, this doesn’t necessarily mean that implants are out of the question. Zygomatic implants, which are anchored by the bone in the cheekbones, the zygoma, may be suitable for those looking to replace lost teeth in the upper arch. With zygomatic implants, you can replace the tooth without the need for bone grafting.

What does treatment entail?

Before we begin treatment, we will carry out some examinations and take a good look at the bone structure to plan your treatment with precision. We will explain what is going to happen and give you some more information about the benefits of zygomatic implants. We are able to fit zygomatic implants under sedation or local anaesthetic, and it usually possible to place the new tooth on the same day.

If you’re looking for a viable option to replace missing teeth in the upper arch and you’ve been advised against having dental implants, call us today to find out more about zygomatic implants and see if they could be a good match for you.


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