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How Will Your London Dentist Decide Which Brace is Best For You?


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With such an array of orthodontic treatments and devices available today you may be left wondering which treatment to go for and how on earth you are going to choose. Choosing a treatment is an important decision as it can affect the final outcome of your smile, the cost involved and the time it will take to complete. Treatment is a big step and dentists have a responsibility to try and match the results of the treatment process with their patient’s expectations. The right brace can mean a better outcome, cheaper costs and shorter treatment times, so it is important that you are well informed when making your final decision.


You may have done your research and read about different treatments, but the best thing to do is to arrange a consultation with a dentist who has expertise in orthodontic treatment. They will be able to talk to you about your options, explain how the different devices work, how long treatment takes and how much the different treatments cost. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and talk to your dentist about what kind of results you are expecting.

Your dentist will examine your mouth and they may carry out X-rays and take photographs and moulds of your teeth before recommending a treatment. Not all treatments are suitable for everyone, so your dentist needs to gauge the extent and type of orthodontic problems involved in order to make a final recommendation.

Dentist recommendations

Once your dentist has an idea of your orthodontic prescription, your expectations and your budget, they can make recommendations based on this information. Some treatments, such as Six Month Smiles, Invisalign Lite and the Inman aligner, are only suitable for minor problems, while others, such as Damon braces may be very effective at correcting more complex problems.

Your dentist will also take your preferences into account. For example, if you are worried about wearing braces that are highly visible, they may advise you to opt for Invisalign or lingual braces as these the most discreet braces available. Once you have all the information you need and have chatted to your dentist, you can choose which treatment to go for and you will soon be flashing a lovely new smile.


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