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How We Treat Tooth Pain in the Centre of London


How can we help?

If you’re suffering from dental pain, now is the perfect time to call and make an appointment. We will do our best to identify the cause and treat it as quickly as possible to ensure you are pain-free for Easter.

The causes of dental pain

Dental pain can arise from injuries, infections and dental disease and it’s our job to find out the cause before discussing the options with you. In cases of dental injuries, broken, cracked and chipped teeth can cause tooth pain while abscesses, decay and worn enamel can also contribute to dental pain.

Dental pain can vary from persistent to acute and mild to severe. If you have dental pain that comes on very suddenly or pain that gets worse very quickly, it’s best to see a dentist as quickly as possible. If you have mild pain or increased sensitivity, this may be symptomatic of decay and it’s a good idea to arrange a dental check, just in case you have a cavity.

What we can do for dental pain

We use various dental treatments to deal with pain and the treatment option usually depends on the underlying cause. For broken teeth, we sometimes recommend a filling or crown, while fillings are usually the best option for sensitivity and cavities. If you have a dental abscess, we will treat this by draining and removing it. We aim to have you free from pain as quickly as possible and we may recommend taking over the counter painkillers to make you feel more comfortable before or after treatment.

In some cases, dental pain is inevitable, but you can often reduce your chances of suffering toothache by visiting your dentist regularly, maintaining good oral hygiene at home and always ensuring you wear a mouth guard when you play sport or participate in an activity that carries a risk of dental injury.


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