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How to Use your Smile the Right Way in London


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How you view people and yourself in mind and body affects your chances of meeting new people and starting new relationships. Some things to bear in mind when out and about in London are:

  • People aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes, so move on with a positive attitude; it’s part of growth and getting to know people.
  • We’re all different in body and mind. We look different, come in all shapes, sizes and colours and smile differently. We have different interests, so always show an interest in others-you never know you might find a new band, hobby or past-time that you didn’t know you liked.
  • Tolerance and being flexible goes a long way. Not all people like change or uncertainty. Part of acceptance is to understand these feelings of insecurity and not rejecting people for these traits.
  • Our values are not the same and we should respect the views of others.
  • Making new friends means you’ll meet their friends too!
  • Smiling is like opening a door of welcome for new people to meet you.

Body talk for meeting new people

We communicate with our bodies, and if we don’t like our bodies, we’re not going to smile or appear friendly. If this is what stands in your way, then do something about it! Get a smile makeover and use your smile the right way to meet others and share interests. If it’s your teeth, see a dentist, or if it’s flab, see a cosmetic practitioner. Feeling comfortable about yourself allows you to feel more comfortable around others, making you smile and engage with the new people you meet.


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